Development Property for Sale in Downtown Phoenix

Phoenix Urban Renewal Agency is selling property for development in downtown Phoenix.  Contact the Agency at or call 541-535-1955 ext. 317 for additional information.

A prime location is available on Bear Creek Drive, at the corner of W. 4th Street in Phoenix.   The vision for this property is a mix of commercial and residential development.

Three lots are available at 200 N. Main Street.  (View info for lot onelot twolot three).  This property is just south of the new Phoenix Plaza development, and is perfect for commercial development on Main Street with residential development behind.

Right next to Blue Heron Park is 4345 South Pacific Hwy.  A 4 bedroom, two bath house on 1.32 acres provides an opportunity for residential development overlooking the park, adjacent to the Bear Creek Greenway bike trail, and would support commercial development along the highway.