PHURA’s Purpose and Goals

PHURA was established by the City of Phoenix in 2005 as a long-term investment strategy to fund and construct capital improvement projects in the Urban Renewal Plan boundary area.

The purpose of the Urban Renewal Plan [adopted by the City in 2005] is to eliminate blighting influences found in the Urban Renewal Area, implement goals and objectives of the City of Phoenix Comprehensive Plan, and assist in meeting the City’s economic development objectives through redevelopment of key sites, property rehabilitation, improving infrastructure in the urban renewal area, and assisting with the construction of needed public facilities.

The following specific goals are listed in the Urban Renewal Plan:

  1. Encourage private development
  2. Maintain, remodel, and construct public parks and open spaces
  3. Make transportation improvements
  4. Improve and repair utilities
  5. Refine and Implement the City Center Plan
  6. Restoration of the Wetlands area and Creation of Wetlands Park
  7. Rehabilitate existing buildings
  8. Enhance the Entrance to the City Center
  9. Implement streetscape plan
  10. Develop options for a new City Hall and City Center Facilities

The powers and duties of the Agency are provided by Chapter 457 of the Oregon Revised Statues, and as authorized by the Urban Renewal Plan.  It is a separate legal and financial entity (not a commission or committee).

Board Members

Our Board of Directors consists of appointed representatives from the citizen and business community, and appointed representatives from the Phoenix City Council.

Applications are available here: Board & Budget Committee Application