New PHURA Board Member

PHURA welcomes our newest board member, Chuck Reiling.  Chuck and his wife Diane work as a dedicated husband and wife real estate team to help clients buy and sell homes in the Bear Creek Valley.  Mr. Reiling has a solid background in business and information systems, and also serves on the Board of Directors of Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice.

PHURA would like to thank Mr. Reiling, and all of our board members, for volunteering to help our community.

PHURA selects new Executive Director

Phoenix Urban Renewal Agency is pleased to announce that the board has selected a new Executive Director, Jim Sharp.  Mr. Sharp has over 30 years commercial real estate development experience, over 25 years of Executive Construction Management experience and has worked with Economic and Redevelopment Agencies in several states, including Oregon.  We look forward to working together to improve our community.

Agency approves Project List

At the November board meeting, members approved a list of proposed projects to be completed by the Agency within the next five years.  This list was shared with Phoenix City Council, and was met with overwhelming support.

Please click on the link below to view the project list and expected completion dates.

Project Costs and Priorities December 2014 (365.9 KiB)

Check back for additional information as these projects move forward.

Rehab Projects for downtown Phoenix

PHURA is pleased to announce that the Golden Phoenix Restaurant rehab project is nearly complete.  Fresh paint, minor building repairs and new lighting are a welcome update to the corner of Main Street and Third, in downtown Phoenix.

Golden Phoenix Rehab Nov. 2014 (217.0 KiB)

Three other rehab projects are currently in progress:  Commercial Sign and Design has new doors and awning, and will soon be repainted, Puck’s Donuts will have fresh paint, an outdoor seating area and new sign, and the Phoenix Grange has been approved for building repairs and paint.  Thank you all for investing in our community.

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